About project

AnaPur was created in order to solve a frequent issue – bad eating habits caused by the fact that most of us don’t have enough time to prepare a decent and balanced meal during the day.

We believe that the nature can provide our body with everything we need. That's why created AnaPur - the real food from the best veggie ingredients. Apart from creating a completely balanced and convenient meal, AnaPur stands on its very varied set of quality ingredients in order to deliver the most complex shake. We use no shortcuts when choosing the right ingredients and therefore fully refuse all chemical substances or food substitutes which are nowadays unfortunately ubiquitous.

We want to prove that a healthy and balanced diet can be achievable and affordable for everyone who wants to give the best to his/her body. That's why AnaPur was made.

We are devoted to the constant development and improvement of the recipe. Therefore, we are experimenting with new ingredients and are grateful to AnaPurists who are a great source of inspiration. Thanks to the AnaPur community, the balanced diet is becoming faster, more affordable, achievable and, most importantly, more popular than the junk food.

Stepan Andrle
Founder of the AnaPur project. Takes care of marketing and innovations
Jan Mazal
Looks after quality ingredients and supply
Denisa Dolezalova
Takes care of local media relations
Jakub Mazal
Looks for opportunities to develop and spread AnaPur worldwide