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Anapur Customized

Using Fitbit wearable ?

sync with my Fitbit

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Manual configuration

Simply connect your Fitbit tracker to get the precise result of your Customized Anapur

Simply connect your Fitbit account with Anapur® world’s unique system. The special algorithm developed by medical and pharmacology experts will calculate your ideal calories intake, nutrition ratio, vitamin and minerals intake and fiber intake. Based on this ideal nutrition profile, we mix your perfect all-natural Anapur. All done online within seconds. Want to lose weight or gain mass? You can set your preferences and Customized Anapur will help you achieve your goal.

Not using Fitbit wearable? Set your parameters manually

The best Anapur Customized comes out of the precise evaluation of Fitbit data. However, if you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can set your profile manually. Just choose the “Set manually” button and follow the manual configuration.