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Food made by nature

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About Anapur

  • Balanced meal which provides your body with the optimal amount of all nutrients
  • Simply mix the powder with water and within one minute your Anapur meal is ready!
  • We don't add any artificial stuff, nor synthetic vitamins or GMO
  • Made in EU (Czech Republic) and contains ingredients from all around the world
  • 100% vegan, made of purely veggie ingredients
  • Annapurna is a Hindu goddess of nourishment. And that’s exactly what Anapur is about.
  • Laboratory tested
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Simple and fast
  • Affordable
  • From all-natural ingredients
  • Tasty cocktail

without substitutes and available

  • Without
  • Without Maltodextrin
  • Without synthetic vitamins
  • Without artificial flavorings
  • Without added preservatives
  • Without

It consists of the best natural ingredients

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Price of one portion with a caloric value of 440 kcal

2 €
3 €
7 €
Spaghetti Bolognese
10 €
Caesar salad


Pour Anapur
into the shaker
Add water
or milk
Shake well
Enjoy your
nutritious cocktail

Our ambassadors

Tomas Vancura / Ski jumper

Tomas represents the Czech Republic in professional ski jumping.
“I’ve included Anapur in my diet since I spend most of my time on jumping hills, racing, training and on the road. Therefore it’s quite difficult to keep up with a healthy diet that is crucial for me. With Anapur I can be sure I have what I need and I can fully concentrate on my performance.”

Vojtech Bednarsky / Triathlete

Triathlete, double champion of the Czech Republic in duathlon and winner of the Czech Cup in cross triathlon. In 2016, 20th place at the Mountain Running European Championship.
“It’s difficult to indulge a full-fledged meal with my long daily trainings. That’s why I like Anapur – a healthy diet without chemical ingredients, my body appreciates the most, moreover during my trainings.”

Lukas Vincour / Drummer in Pipes and Pints

Pipes and Pints punk band drummer, animal rights activist, author of The Road, from Punk to Freedom and co-author of ecological-ethical fairy Tenkrát Svět.

“My lifestyle is very varied, I’m always on road. As I want a healthy and light diet with enough energy and which is 100% plant-based, Anapur is exactly what I’ve been looking for and what suits me.”

Vendula Hopjakova / Boardercross olympic athlete

A rising star of the Czech Snowboard Cross, who also participated in 2018 Winter Olympics in Pchjongchang. Twice in a row, she won the Czech Cup in snowboard cross and she succeeded also at the European and World Cups.
“I spend a lot of time on the road and in hills where a good diet is difficult to maintain. Anapur provides me a convenient solution with the fitting nutritional values.”

Rostislav Vitek / Long-distance Olympic swimmer

Long-distance swimmer, multiple champion of the Czech Republic and Olympic athlete from 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. He holds a Czech record in crossing the La Manche Canal. In 2017, he broke another record in a relay-race at Lake Loch Ness.
“Anapur’s recipe without any chemicals suits me the best. It doesn’t burden my organism and I can fully concentrate on the performance of my body.”

Marek Jelinek / Traveller, Photographer

Marek travelled thousands of kilometres through South America on his red scooter. In 2018 he travelled through another continent. Asia. From New Delhi to Singapore, a 9,000-kilometer journey. On his journeys, he overcame both long distances and himself. On his journeys, he enjoys the atmosphere and captures it through his camera.
“I need something nutritious and convenient on my way. Anapur is, therefore, the perfect combination for my adventures. “

Tomas Hudec / Runner

Tomas loves running in the mountains all around the world. He had the chance to race in slums, rainforests, at night in tropical rains or at 4500 m altitude. He won the Nepal International Marathon, and he also placed well at the Italian Championship.
“Anapur helps me fulfil my nutritional needs and, above all, it’s quality and ingredients are outstanding compared to what is on the market!”

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