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General questions

Anapur is a nutrition drink. An all veggie food alternative in a form of a shake. It provides your body with all the nutrients it needs in the recommended daily intake (according to EFSA recommendations). It’s a perfect match for those who strive for a balanced and healthy diet but cannot be bothered all the time with endless shopping and cooking of healthy meals. If you want to have your calories and nutrients intakes under control, Anapur should be your obvious choice.


Anapur is a powdered instant cocktail made of more than 20 ingredients (nuts, herbs, legumes, dried fruits, etc.), which provides your body with all necessary nutrients in a balanced manner.


The content was designed to deliver the best from nature while fulfilling these recommended intakes of all key nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and fibre).

The flavour is rather neutral. However, you will experience a soft earthy and slightly sweet taste of oats and nuts. You can adapt the flavour as you like by adding fruits or spices or you can choose from a variety of our flavours.

No worries. Anapur is made of real dried and powdered food so you will feel just fine. It also contains a fair amount of healthy dietary fiber which will prevent you from feeling hungry. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about feeling stuffed and sleepy after eating either as you would with some heavy conventional meals.

Anapur is packed in single meal portions of 440 kcal. If you drink just Anapur, 5 packages will last you for one day. Five meals fulfil your daily nutrition requirements of 2200 kcal. But if you combine drinking Anapur with eating conventional food, it will last much longer. We haven’t encountered a single case in which there wouldn’t be enough Anapur for one day.

Anapur’s lifespan is influenced mainly by the content of oils in nuts which can oxidize through time and lose some of its benefits. Therefore, we recommend to consume Anapur within five months. Packages should be ideally stored in a cool, dry place.

The typical green color of Anapur was caused by chlorella content, which is green due to its high levels of chlorophyll. However, we added a new ingredient to the new recipe – beetroot. This ingredient changed the color of the drink more to red.

Anapur is made of purely veggie ingredients (with a small dash of salt), free of artificial vitamins and mineral additives, colourants or synthetic flavourings. It does not contain maltodextrin, preservatives or added emulsifiers. Everything in Anapur comes from the Earth and is processed as little as possible. Its varied composition is formed by twenty veggie ingredients, each meeting a specific requirement of the body.

Anapur is designed to meet the nutrition requirements of an adult. If you want to try it, we recommend you to discuss the nutritional profile of Anapur with your doctor.

Yes, Anapur is produced in the Czech Republic. Therefore EU standards apply to Anapur production.

Ingredients and raw materials

Anapur contains all the nutrients needed in the recommended amount. It consists of veggie ingredients and a tiny bit of mineral salt. These ingredients (such as legumes, oats, dried herbs, nuts, etc.) are real food ingredients and therefore serve as natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to our recipe, Anapur contains a balanced mixture of all nutrients required (proteins, carbs, fats, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals). As a result, they’re all represented by at least 100 % of EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) daily recommended intake and while also respecting all upper intake limits. EFSA is the agency of the European Union (EU) that conducts independent food-related scientific research and informs about existing and emerging risks associated with the food chain.


In other words, Anapur has everything your body needs.

Anapur does not contain genetically modified organisms or foods. We refuse to use any chemicals or artificial ingredients such as maltodextrin, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourants. It is absolutely free of any animal products including dairy or fish oil and does not contain lactose. Therefore, Anapur is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Everything Anapur contains comes from the nature. It contains over 20 ingredients, each meeting a specific requirement of the body.


Moreover, we manufacture Anapur in compliance with the strictest EU food norms and follow the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Anapur is made of purely veggie ingredients, real food and superfood ingredients with a dash of salt. Each ingredient contributes to Anapur with its specific role. Get detailed description of all Anapur goodies.

Anapur is both vegetarian and vegan food. It does not contain any lactose or any additives or substances made of dairy or animals.

No. Anapur is 100% GMO-free, thus does not contain any genetically modified substances.


All ingredents in Anapur are tested in a laboratory on regular bases. See the laboratory analysis results here.

Apart from rice bran, oats and soy, which have to be thermally processed for easier digestion, Anapur is made of RAW ingredients.

Yes. Anapur contains food allergens marked by numbers 1, 6, and 8 (nuts, soy, oats). If you are allergic to these ingredients, you should discuss consumption with your doctor and act accordingly.

Anapur is made of naturally gluten free ingredients. However, it is possible that a small track of gluten is contained as processing paths on the suppliers’ side may cross with processing other crops. This so called cross-contamination may result in a small amount of gluten in Anapur. If you want to follow a low-gluten diet, Anapur is perfectly fine for you. In case you are allergic or very sensitive to gluten, we recommend you to discuss the consumption with your doctor and act accordingly.

Maltodextrin is an artificial sweetener manufactured by the chemical processing of corn starch. We do not use it in Anapur because it is not a natural substance. Maltodextrin is used as a fast source of energy in sports drinks and often also as a sweetener instead of sugar because it does not have to be marked as sugar in nutrition facts. It’s very low price is another reason for abundant use in the food industry. However, maltodextrin has a very high glycemic index (135) and that is another reason why we prefer to use other, better sources of carbohydrates.

Nutrition questions

Dietary fiber contained in Anapur positively affects digestion of the human body. Therefore, there is hardly any significant change.

Yes. Anapur is designed to meet all nutritional requirements of an adult person based on the general recommendations. It has everything human body needs to get. However, we in Anapur don’t want you to give up on food entirely, especially because of the social dimension and joy that regular food brings. Therefore, don’t tie yourself down and enjoy a regular meal with your family or friends as well.

Balanced diet often fixes your metabolism which usually results in a weight-loss. Having received feedback from over 100 beta-testers, we have encountered many cases of losing some weight due to long term consumption of Anapur. Introducing Anapur to your diet is therefore definitely not a bad idea.

Daily protion of Anapur contains 2000 kcal and provides the human body with a balanced ratio of all nutrients: 40% carbohydrates, 36% fats (mostly unsaturated), 24% proteins. Vitamins and minerals essential for human body are represented in Anapur by a minimum of 100 % of the daily recommended intake. At the same time we respect the upper intake limits of these nutrients. For detailed information, read more about nutritional values of Anapur.

Anapur contains at least 100 % of the daily recommended intake (DRI) of all essential vitamins and minerals (according to EFSA). Most of them exceed 100 % of the DRI causing Anapur to be literally stuffed with the goodies. However, we always take into account also the upper limits of the DRI which should not be exceeded in the long term so there’s no need to worry.

EU production guidelines and regulations apply to Anapur production as well as the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority guidelines. Production takes place in accordance with the HACCP safety and hygiene protocol. Nutritional requirements relate to EFSA’s expert advice.

The raw materials we use are undergoing periodical laboratory analysis of safety. We also periodically analyze the final product.

Preparation and use

Slowly and gradually :). Whether you choose to use Anapur as a 100% meal replacement or just want to enjoy it in some moments, we certainly recommend drinking a cocktail slowly. Having a quick “bottoms up” drink does not have to make you feel great. A high intake of all the nutrients at one time can make you feel a little dizzy. If you want to enjoy several Anapur portions a day, first start with one cocktail and gradually add more to let your body get used to it.

Getting your Anapur ready can’t get any simpler. Pour content of one bag of Anapur into the shaker or mixer, add 0,5 – 0,7 l of water or milk and shake or mix. That’s it.


Of course, you can prepare Anapur according to your imagination, creativity and taste (e.g. with milk, by adding banana, cranberries, blueberries or any other seasonal fruit you like).

Absolutely. Drinking Anapur isn’t any strict diet or a cure you need to follow. AnaPur is simply here whenever you feel like having something balanced, when there is no time for meal or you don’t want to eat junk food. Anapur is also suitable when you want to treat yourself with a healthy balanced meal while keeping under control what you give to your body.

We recommend using a cold water. However, feel free to try a bit warmer water, milk or juice if you want to.

Packages should be ideally stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. It’s not necessary to store Anapur in refrigerator.

Yes. Anapur can be used as for delicious mugcakes, cupcakes, pancakes or brownies and anything you fancy. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that the heat might devalue some of the beneficial nutrients or destroy some vitamins. It’s ideal to drink Anapur cold.

Anapur Customized

Anapur Customized is a tailor-made food which is mixed precisely according to your personal nutritional requirements. The world’s unique system uses your activity, heart rate and physique data, evaluates them and offers the customized, ideal nutritionally balanced natural food.

Each one of us is unique and Anapur Customized was developed to consider all individual needs. The system evaluates which nutrients you need, and which ratio of these nutrients is best for you. It even takes into account your individual goals (lose weight/ gain/ maintain).

Connecting your fitness tracker Fitbit to Anapur Customized system will automatically evaluate your activity data, heart rate data and physique data (age, weight, height, etc…). Considering your preferences and goals, the system then determines your ideal calories intake, nutrition ratio, vitamin and minerals intake and fiber intake. Based on this ideal nutrition profile, we mix your perfect all-natural food. All done online within seconds.

Anapur Customized is simply better. The classic Anapur is designed based on an average person’s nutritional requirements. Anapur Customized is mixed precisely according to your individual nutritional needs, physical activity and your goals.

Anapur Customized is quite a complex system. We developed it together with specialists from the pharmaceutical, medical and IT field. You can learn more about the Anapur Customized system in Dr Jakub Hurych’s blog post.

It’s actually very simple. Click on the Anapur Customized banner on the homepage or visit . Then click on the button “Sync with my Fitbit”.

On the next page, log into your Fitbit account via Anapur website and allow access to your data. The system requires at least these categories: Fitbit devices and settings, activity and exercise, heart rate, profile, weight.

Now your data are syncing with the system.

On the next page choose your preferences and goals. This information isn’t mandatory, however, it helps to get even more precise result.

If you are creating your Customize Anapur to yourself, leave the checkbox marked with YES. That will allow you to see your results in your customer’s profile.

Click on Create Customized Anapur

And that’s it! On the following page, you will see all the details of your ideal nutrition profile and you can order your personal Anapur Customized.

(Also, you can download a pdf protocol with your individual nutrition profile. Just click the button at the bottom of the page)

The best Anapur Customized comes out of the Fitbit data evaluation. However, if you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can set your profile manually. Just choose the “Manual configuration” button and follow the manual configuration.

Please check:

Do you have enough data in your fitness tracker? It is necessary to wear Fitbit at least for seven days in order to collect enough data about your activity and heart rate. If you are just an occasional user, try to wear your Fitbit more often for a longer time period. After a while, you will have enough data to calculate the ideal Anapur Customized for you.

Did you sync your Fitbit wearable with your Fitbit app lately? The data must first go from your wearable to the server. Please open your Fitbit app in your smartphone and make sure the latest data are synced with your Fitbit account.

Did you allow access to your data when you logged in? After logging in your Fitbit account via Anapur website, you need to allow the access to at least these data: Fitbit devices and settings, activity and exercise, heart rate, profile a weight. Please be sure you allowed the access. If you don’t see the Fitbit login and allowing data page, try to delete cookies for Anapur and Fitbit websites. The page will show appear then.

Still not working? Please contact us at and describe the problem you encountered. Surely, we will solve it 🙂 .

The longer you wear it, the better. It is necessary to wear the Fitbit tracker during the day for at least seven days without major breaks. Then it will have enough data to work with. You don’t need to wear it 24/7, but the longer you wear it during your active day, the more precise the calculation will be and the better Customized Anapur you get 🙂 .

Anapur Customized currently works only with Fitbit wearables. We are working on adding more devices and brands. Meanwhile, try the manual configuration.

The same as the classic Anapur :). The flavour is rather neutral. However, you will experience a soft earthy and slightly sweet taste of oats and nuts. You can adapt the flavour as you like by adding fruits or spices or you can choose from a variety of our flavours.

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