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Maltodextrin and its influence on our health


What makes Anapur so unique? That’s a frequent question asked by many superfood users and our customers. The short answer to that is – natural ingredients. Anapur stands on its vast range of natural …

Anapur Customized – the most tech advanced food today


This week was really groundbreaking for Anapur. After more than two years of research, system programming and testing, we could finally introduce Anapur Customized. It’s the world’s first unique system which puts healthy eating …

Anapur cookies


Thinking about baking something good to go with a tea or a coffee? Try these delicious Anapur cookies! They are very easy to prepare and you will need following ingredients: One chocolate bar 150g …

Blood sugar and Anapur – the experiment


By: Stepan Andrle – Anapur founder As you know, I developed AnaPur with the goal of providing a food alternative for office guys like me, who sit at the desk all day and don’t …

The new AnaPur+ is here


Finally. After all obstacles that occurred recently, all preorders of AnaPur are shipped now. I would like to thank all customers for their patience. And as some of you already noticed… We have a …

Nature in the lab


AnaPur and laboratory test of shelf life What’s the shelf life of AnaPur? Can it actually spoil at all? We often receive similar questions which led us to openly disclose the results of a …

Fruitful conference Food21


On 28th May we attended the largest conference on healthy nutrition in the Czech Republic Food21. It was an incredibly inspiring event where we had the opportunity to confront our powder meal replacement diet …

AnaPur in 2016


There has been a lot going on recently. Actually, so much has been going on that we’ve barely been able to write some follow-up on our entrepreneurial journey with AnaPur. 🙂 We finally launched …

Anapur – Long Story Short


Hi! My name is Stepan and I come from the beautiful old-fashion European city of Prague, Czech Republic where I studied at Business University and where I currently work in marketing field. Apart from …

Anapur in media