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AnaPur in 2016

Added : 2016-05-19

There has been a lot going on recently.

Actually, so much has been going on that we’ve barely been able to write some follow-up on our entrepreneurial journey with AnaPur. 🙂

We finally launched website and e-shop where you can find all the information about AnaPur, as well as answers to the frequently asked questions and order delivery of AnaPur. A good news – so far we’ve been trying to catch up with the unexpected demand but now there’s enough AnaPur on stock and we’re able to dispatch orders immediately.

In case you’re following our facebook profile on the followin link or our instagram, you probably noticed that we’re now offering new shakers. However, their arrival wasn’t just easy.  The Czech bureaucracy caused us substantial delays due to the customs office which required various certifications and authorizations to grant us permission for sale of the shakers in the EU.

Our aim was to choose an attractive and practical design. Only time will show how practical the shakers are. In the meantime, we’re giving them out as a free gift to all orders.

Another important lesson learned since Feb: as with any startup, all planned activities take us three-times longer than originally planned. 🙂

Two other Czech media featured our story with AnaPur. We also turned up at two events – the Czech Bikram Yoga Championship and MashUp Night organized by popular startup incubator Impact HUB where we also gave out free samples with positive feedback. Not all activities happen online and we are boosted more than ever to carry on with our journey so stay tuned!