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Anapur Customized – the most tech advanced food today

Added : 2019-04-14

This week was really groundbreaking for Anapur. After more than two years of research, system programming and testing, we could finally introduce Anapur Customized. It’s the world’s first unique system which puts healthy eating to a whole new level. To a proper digital-age level.

No worries, it is not a sci-fi synthetic mix form a lab. Anapur is still a natural product. But we have utilized every bit of what technology has to offer, to create the ideal customized recipe.

By Stepan Andrle, founder of Anapur

Why Anapur Customized?

From the very beginning of the Anapur project, we were dealing with one problem – each of us has different nutritional requirements, and one universal Anapur version simply cannot suit everyone. Yes, no one will die of eating ten calories more ore ten calories less, but if Anapur is to be the most advanced food in the market, we must consider individual nutritional needs.

A proper healthy food should be tailor-made to suit each one of us. Whether we are doing sports, or we prefer to lay back on a couch, whether we want to gain muscle, or lose a few extra pounds.

So in past few years, I have met with several nutrition experts to put this project together and find out, how the ideal Anapur Customized should look like. The whole thing represents a big challenge also for the entire logistics process, production and (our favourite 🙂 ) GDPR. But the biggest challenge was how to simply get objective information to create customized nutrition profile for each individual.

How to do it?

We let modern technologies to step in. Specifically – IoT (Internet of Things) – devices connected to a network that collect and share data. Increasingly popular fitness bracelets, such as Fitbit, measure user’s activity in real time. Even the simplest fitness trackers can measure steps, heart rate and activity. Based on these data and user’s goals, we can build the ideal individual nutritional profile. The tailor-made nutritional profile then shows, what should the calories intake be, how should the nutrients’ ratio look like and what amounts of different vitamins and minerals we need.

What to do with all that data?

Based on relevant studies and latest nutritional learnings, we have developed a special algorithm that calculates available data, compares them, calibrates them, and proposes an optimal nutritional profile. Jakub Hurych – physician, who focuses on clinical microbiology and research of a human microbiome and Marek Kratochvil – pharmacologist, researcher and nutrition specialist, worked on the algorithm development (you can read more about how the system works and which studies is it based on in the next post). The system can work with real-time activity data. It distinguishes the data that is relevant and excludes the error data. Also, it takes into account the physique characteristics of the user (gender, age, weight, height) and his/hers goals (lose weight, gain weight, …).


And the result is really worth it

As a result you can now just easily connect your Fitbit tracker, sync it with the Anapur Customized system and in a few steps, you will get your Anapur Customized which fits your personal nutritional needs. If you don’t use fitness bracelets, you can use the manual setting. Although the result is more accurate from the fitness tracker data, it will get you as close to your ideal product as possible.

Our vision

This week we received a lot of emails with an awesome feedback from both customers and experts. At the moment, we are also in the process of patenting the Anapur Customized system, but the development is definitely not over. Data is very valuable information and helps to map and better understand the needs of Anapurists. We will continue to improve the system and in the long run, it will even be possible to monitor the impact on the health of Anapurists. For example, how their BMI improved over time.

Above all, Anapur is about quality ingredients and food that helps us live healthier. So we would also like to motivate all Anapurists. That’s why soon, we are going to reward all active users and offer a discount to all who walk at least 300,000 steps a month with their Fitbit bracelet. 🙂

This is Anapur – the most technologically advanced food today.

Anapur customized
Anapur Customized – the world’s first data based powdered food