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Fruitful conference Food21

Added : 2016-06-04

On 28th May we attended the largest conference on healthy nutrition in the Czech Republic Food21.

It was an incredibly inspiring event where we had the opportunity to confront our powder meal replacement diet with nutrition experts, as well as those interested in a healthy diet.

We were ready for anything, but such a rush and bustle really surprised us.

Conference Food21 took place in Prague hotel Grandior and was packed with valuable lectures of nutritional experts. The topic was mainly focused on the nutritional trends of the 21st century. AnaPur as the first purely natural and vegan Czech dried and balanced food in a powdered form had to be present as well. We were therefore thrilled that AnaPur was chosen as a representative product for all the nutritional enthusiasts and professionals excited about this new phenomenon.

In addition to lectures, there were exhibited numerous producers of healthy foods and delicacies. We were captivated by Moravian Black Kale and their ginger shock – extra strong and concentrated shot of a mixture of organic ginger and lemon. That really recharged our batteries and we definitely recommend you to try it!

In addition to original AnaPur, we offered an AnaPur shake with fresh fruit, wild berries and spices. As part of our experiments, we also introduced samples of spicy chilli and exotic turmeric flavours.

Food 21 Anapur


For the first time, we also introduced our AnaPur cuts with dates. AnaPur, as the concept of healthy eating and 100 % meal replacement, was a genuine surprise for many visitors and to be honest, in several cases we also met with a disdain :-). However, we got really great feedback overall and we draw inspiration from personal impressions, wishes and tips, which we have received.

A large part of lectures dealt with various ways and trends in nutrition, appropriate diets and ways to get the best out of our bodies. There were presented many ways how to set and keep your ideal diet but none of them addressed one fundamental fact. And that fact actually led me to create the AnaPur project. Anyone with a little effort gets enough information and inspiration to put together a healthy and tasty diet, but simply many of us usually lack the time and patience.

AnaPur is a versatile solution that requires minimal preparation time and is simple and affordable. Moreover, it is nutritionally balanced, which cannot be achieved with any other food. I, therefore, believe that AnaPur as a representative of a purely natural balanced meal could be a part of a healthy diet at least as a fast food, which anyone can prepare effortlessly while doing something good for the body. On top of that AnaPur is the food I can eat whenever I want and I know that it is the best alternative that can be prepared in one minute.

Food21 was, therefore, inspirational conference and not only official participants but also several foreign guests passing by the Grandior hotel were curious about the AnaPur project. We are pleased with the increasing number of those interested in unconventional trends in nutrition and we would like to thank all the participants for the valuable feedback.

See you next time!