Blood sugar and Anapur - the experiment

Blood sugar and Anapur - the experiment

By: Stepan Andrle - Anapur founder

As you know, I developed AnaPur with the goal of providing a food alternative for office guys like me, who sit at the desk all day and don’t have enough time to get a proper lunch. Therefore, it was very important to avoid quick sugars when designing AnaPur recipe. These quick carbohydrates cause a very fast increase of blood sugar levels which is also known as the “sugar rush”. After a while this radical increase of energy is followed by a quick drop. Riding this sugar rollercoaster is simply not good for us. When the blood sugar levels are high, spare energy is not used and stored for later as fat. When the sugar in our blood suddenly drops, we start to feel tired, hungry and crave an additional “hit” to slow down the energy decrease. It is obvious that if you sit at the desk all day, having these highs and lows aren’t good good for your work performance nor your body.

AnaPur is therefore designed to provide slow carbohydrates. Carbs which are slowly released to our system and supply our body with a sustainable amount of energy without unwanted ups and downs. These slow carbs have one thing in common – low glycemic index (GI). Glycemic index measures the actual impact of foods on our blood sugar and suggests how fast and how much each ingredient supplies energy to our body. Simply said—the lower, the better. For example, oatmeal has a low GI and therefore is often recommended for breakfast. Fiber also works fine. Not that it has slow carbs itself, but it helps to slow down the absorption of energy. On the other hand, table sugar is often referred to as a quick sugar with GI of 68, or even worse, maltodextrin (a commonly used sweetener) with a shockingly high GI of 135.

AnaPur contains a plenty of fiber and zero maltodextrin. It also contains oats so when it comes to a good and stable source of energy, it should be more than enough. In theory it all sounds good, but does it really work? I decided to find out.

In order to test how AnaPur works as a stable source of energy, it was necessary to “spill some blood”. Therefore, I volunteered for this personally.

The experiment will be done like this: for the first day of the experiment, I will eat as I normally would. The second day will be entirely on AnaPur. Nothing other than AnaPur. I will then compare my blood sugar levels during the day and see how AnaPur serves as a stable energy source.

To monitor my blood sugar levels, I use a glucose meter, which is commonly used by diabetics. It works pretty simply. You just prick your finger with a lancing device and place a sample of a small blood drop on a test strip plugged in the glucometer. The display quickly shows how much sugar is in your blood.

The glucometer shows the amount of glucose in the blood. Normal level of blood sugar is between 4 to 5,5 mmol/L. Values above 6 mmol/L indicate increased blood sugar. Values below 3,3 mmol/L indicate low sugar levels.

Fluctuation of blood sugar is of course individual and depends a lot on insulin sensitivity. It is also influenced by the food we eat and it is normal that its levels fluctuate during the day or after a meal. It is therefore not the goal to completely avoid the blood sugar changes; however, large changes of the blood sugar levels caused by a poor or sugar-rich diet have a negative impact on our health and are directly connected to weight gain, as redundant energy is stored as fat and the quick decrease in energy forces us force us to get another “hit” of sugar.

Here’s the test:

Day 1 – busy day at the office:

After the whole day and twelve performed measurements, all my fingers are completely punctured – this is not pleasant at all, but I have the data and that is more important! So how did my day go?

I measured my blood sugar right in the morning on an empty stomach. I took a croissant for breakfast when I arrived to the office and I had an espresso and some water with that. Caffeine and sugar held me until 11 a.m. By that time, I got quite hungry, but I managed to get my lunch a bit later at 1:15 p.m. I had quite a light lunch though – a bagel with smoked salmon. However, one hour later I got really tired (I guess my sugar level dropped rapidly), so at 2:42 p.m. I got another coffee. I had no time for a snack so the next meal was my dinner. By that time I was really starving. I ate tuna salad with some bread. And a beer, cause I’m a Czech :) . So not much food during the day after all. I consumed quite a fair amount of sugar and I felt hungry and tired during the day which was not pleasant However, I believe this is a reality for many of us who work at the office.

As you can see in the graph below, the blood sugar always jumped up above the boundary of increased sugar level. Sweet breakfast with a lot of sugar but even the dinner hit me with the energy that jumped up for a few hours. After that, however, it began to fall down quickly. Right during this decrease, I experienced a strong desire for some more food or at least something sweet.

Day 2 – AnaPur all day long

The second test was simple. Whenever I wanted to, I got AnaPur. I put my shaker with AnaPur on my desk and whenever I finished it, within one minute I mixed a new one. I felt well energized during the day, not hungry at all, and didn’t even think of having any sweet snacks. And as you can see the results are great! According to measured numbers, which you can see in the graph below, my blood sugar remains in optimal values during the whole day. That means that I had just the right amount of energy for the whole day without any unwanted "sugar rush" or any feeling of fatigue.

Bonus test – Pizza and Coke for dinner

The third day I wanted to push my experience a bit further, so I thought of having a “special” dinner. I tested what will happen if I have pizza and coke for dinner. I am not much of a coke drinker, but I thought to myself that this was necessary for sake of science :). It is not recommended to eat high carb foods in the evening. It is simply because the energy consumed will not be used and will store as a fat. I expected high blood sugar values but I wasn’t expecting this! As you can in the graph below, the blood sugar soared up to extremely high values and remained there for FOUR HOURS. That means I spent four hours in a state of a very high blood sugar level, during which my body could not use the energy provided. I was supposed to have a lot of energy, but I definitely didn’t feel like that at all as I sat tired on my couch. If you want proof that junk food and soda does harm your health, there it is. And yet this is a standard dinner for some of us.

I am very glad that I undertook this test despite its rather painful method. The results are exciting! They prove that AnaPur works as a stable and optimal source of energy. I avoided increased levels of blood sugar and hunger from sudden energy decrease. The experiment also proved how rapidly our bodies react to ubiquitous sugar contained in sweets, pastries and meals with a high glycemic index. I really wonder if AnaPur could serve to people with diabetes. Maybe it would serve really well.

The new AnaPur+ is here

Finally. After all obstacles that occurred recently, all preorders of AnaPur are shipped now. I would like to thank all customers for their patience.

And as some of you already noticed…

We have a NEW AnaPur here!

Yes, the new version “+“ is available in our e-shop from now on. So what’s new in it?

AnaPur + is more nutritious

The target here was to stuff more nutrients into AnaPur. We managed to put 10% more calories in the “+“ recipe and spread them among proteins, carbs and fatty acids so their ratio remains the same. New AnaPur “+“ has 2200kcal per daily portion. That means that one rich meal you has 440kcal and the portion still weights only 100g.

AnaPur will feed your bacteria

Another great thing in the new AnaPur is the new ingredient – Chicory root extract. Chicory root extract is full of so-called fructooligosaccharides. It is a type of carbs/ fiber that does not work as a source of energy for your body primarily, but as a great source of energy for your intestinal bacteria. In other words, it works as a feed for your natural intestinal microflora.

(Some of you maybe know or use probiotics. Usually probiotics are colonies of living bacteria that are commonly used for strengthening the immune system. In this case Chicory works as prebiotic. That means it is not bacteria itself, but a food which helps your natural intestinal bacteria to grow.)

It is commonly known that majority of our immune system is in our intestines. And now, thanks to AnaPur you can “feed up“ your bacteria and get your immune system prepared for all the germs that attack us during the winter.

Read more about benefits of fructooligosaccharides.


New package

First thing I wanted to change in my early versions of AnaPur was adding the liquid oil. I was bothered with pouring the oil form a greasy bottle and therefore I chose to get all fatty acids from chopped nuts. Another thing was complicated dosage. Constantly searching for the scoop and spilling powder wasn’t exactly the most convenient way to prepare AnaPur.

Therefore the new AnaPur is now packed to single portion bags. No scoop needed anymore. Just open the bag and put the whole content into the shaker and that’s it! Each bag contains a portion of 100g of AnaPur. And in case this would be too big for you, you can always close the zip and leave some powder for later use.

New single portion packages of AnaPur

Lower price on bigger packages

Despite the nutrient content increase and innovative packaging, we lowered the prices of bigger packages of AnaPur. We hope this will help our customers to economize more on healthy food and benefit more from this decision.

I believe the new recipe and packaging will serve all of our customers better. So far the first feedback on this is excellent and the new AnaPur quickly gets out of our stock, so if you want to try it before the Chiasmas comes, it’s about time to order it.


Nature in the lab

AnaPur and laboratory test of shelf life

What’s the shelf life of AnaPur? Can it actually spoil at all? We often receive similar questions which led us to openly disclose the results of a laboratory test we carried out couple of months ago.

We were interested in AnaPur’s shelf life, and whether there is anything harmful at the end of the “best-before” date.

Therefore, we decided to test AnaPur for undesirable substances with the chemical analysis and microbiology tests. The tested packaging already passed our recommended shelf life.

And the test result? In a nutshell, not only that AnaPur passed the test in the laboratory but it even met the strict requirements for baby food established by the EU. As a result, even at the end of the shelf life, AnaPur is suitable for consumption.

And now let’s get to the details:

As you may know, the most risky (but at the same time very valuable) part of the composition are nuts, which provide a great source of unsaturated fatty acids, popularly known as the "healthy fats". Unsaturated acids affect positively, among others, the heart and cholesterol. But because they are unsaturated, they tend to oxidize and thereby their benefit slowly disappears. The speed of this rancidity depends on temperature, humidity and other factors. Rancidity not only devalues ​​the beneficial fats, but may also turn them into unwanted substances such as heavy metals, fungi and bacteria.

Nature is not a laboratory. It is alive, and therefore its fruits cannot be sterile. This also applies to AnaPur, which is based on these raw ingredients and takes the best from the nature thanks to them. That’s exactly why it’s important to test the level of these substances included.

The limits allowed are determined by the EU regulations, eg. EC Regulation no. 1881/2006, setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs or EC Regulation no. 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs.

For the analysis, we used the services of accredited laboratories of the Health Institute in Usti nad Labem, where we delivered the sample. Before the testing itself, the sample was stored in normal room conditions for 4 months, i.e. at the end of its recommended shelf life.

See the results on pictures, their interpretation can be found below

AnaPur lab analysis

AnaPur lab protocol 1of2

AnaPur lab protocol 2of2



Measured: 0.055 mg / kg

Maximum levels: Cereals, excluding bran, germ, wheat and rice, 0.1 mg / kg, bran, germ, wheat and rice: 0.2 mg / kg, Soybeans: 0.2 mg / kg, Vegetables and fruits, except leaf, herbs, brassica, fungi and seaweed root or 0.05 mg / kg, leafy vegetables: 0.2 mg / kg, supplements: 1.0 mg / kg, food supplements consisting exclusively or mainly of dried seaweed , products derived from seaweed, or of dried bivalve molluscs: 3.0 mg / kg.


Measured: 0.001 mg / kg

Maximum levels: Supplements: 0.1 mg / kg


Measured: <0.02 mg / kg

Maximum levels: Initial and follow-on formulas: 0.02 mg / kg of raw milk, heat-treated milk: 0.02 mg / kg. Generally, the presence of lead should not exceed 0.02 mg / kg for baby food

Escherichia coli

Measured: <10 cfu / g

Maximum levels: Cheese made from heat-treated milk or whey 100 cfu / g; shelled and shucked products of cooked crustaceans and shellfish: satisfactory, if less than 1 CFU / g, acceptable if less than 10 cfu / g; Precut fruit and vegetables / ready to eat / 100 cfu / g; unpasteurised fruit and vegetable juices / ready to eat / 100 cfu / g

Aspergillus niger

Measured: 600 cfu / g potency. tox. Aspergillus flavus Not Detected

Maximum levels: There is no benchmark, it’s normally present in food

Occurrence is not surprising since it is the most widespread contaminant which occurs in the food,  fruits, spices, etc. E.g. A study comparing the presence of Aspergillus niger in loose medicinal teas showed that even values ​​above 600 cfu / g are common.


Measured: negative

Coagulase positive staphylococci

Measured: <50 cfu / g

Maximum level: Milk powder and whey powder: 10 cfu / g compliant, to 100 cfu / g acceptable, shelled and shucked products of cooked crustaceans and molluscan shellfish: 100 cfu / g

And what does that mean?

Heavy metals and microbiological undesirable substances are absent in AnaPur, respectively are present in normal allowed amount. Even at the end of the recommended shelf life, AnaPur fulfils comfortably all the requirements according to the European legislation on food safety. The four-month shelf life we set is given in order to express how long the mixture remains fresh and in the best nutritional shape. Indeed, it’s possible to consume AnaPur even after this period. However, we recommend to eat it as fresh as possible. Storage is also important. The perfect solution is to put AnaPur in the dark cupboard with constant room temperature and low humidity. This contributes to longer durability of AnaPur without any undesirable substances. The same way as the laboratory analysis has proven it.

Fruitful conference Food21

On 28th May we attended the largest conference on healthy nutrition in the Czech Republic Food21.

It was incredibly inspiring event where we had the opportunity to confront our powder meal replacement diet with nutrition experts, as well as those interested in a healthy diet.

We were ready for anything, but such a rush and bustle really surprised us.

Conference Food21 took place in Prague hotel Grandior and was packed with valuable lectures of nutritional experts. The topic was mainly focused on the nutritional trends of the 21st century. AnaPur as the first purely natural and vegan Czech dried and balanced food in a powdered form had to be present as well. We were therefore thrilled that AnaPur was chosen as a representative product for all the nutritional enthusiasts and professionals excited about this new phenomenon.

In addition to lectures there were exhibited numerous producers of healthy foods and delicacies. We were captivated by Moravian Black Kale and their ginger shock - extra strong and concentrated shot of a mixture of organic ginger and lemon. That really recharged our batteries and we definitely recommend you to try it!

In addition to original AnaPur we offered an AnaPur shake with fresh fruit, wild berries and spices. As part of our experiemtns, we also introduced samples of spicy chilli and exotic turmenic flavors.


For the first time, we also introduced our AnaPur cuts with dates. AnaPur, as the concept of healthy eating and 100 % meal replacement, was a genuine surprise for many visitors and to be honest, in several cases we also met with a disdain :-). However, we got really great feedback overall and we draw inspiration from personal impressions, wishes and tips, which we have received.

A large part of lectures dealt with various ways and trends in nutrition, appropriate diets and ways to get the best out of our bodies. There were presented many ways how to set and keep your ideal diet but none of them addressed one fundamental fact. And that fact actually led me to create the AnaPur project. Anyone with a little effort gets enough information and inspiration to put together a healthy and tasty diet, but simply many of us usually lack the time and patience.

AnaPur is a versatile solution that requires minimal preparation time and is simple and affordable. Moreover it is nutritionally balanced, which cannot be achieved with any other food. I therefore believe that AnaPur as a representative of a purely natural balanced meal could be a part of a healthy diet at least as a fast food, which anyone can prepare effortlessly while doing something good for the body. On top of that AnaPur is the food I can eat whenever I want and I know that it is the best alternative that can be prepared in one minute.

Food21 was therefore inspirational conference and not only official participants but also several foreign guests passing by the Grandior hotel were curious about the AnaPur project. We are pleased with the increasing number of those interested in unconventional trends in nutrition and we would like to thank all the participants for the valuable feedback.

See you next time!

AnaPur in 2016

There has been a lot going on recently.

Actually, so much has been going on that we’ve barely been able to write some follow-up on our entrepreneurial journey with AnaPur. :-)

We finally launched website and e-shop where you can find all the information about AnaPur, as well as answers to the frequently asked questions and order delivery of AnaPur. A good news – so far we’ve been trying to catch up with the unexpected demand but now there’s enough AnaPur on stock and we’re able to dispatch orders immediately.

In case you’re following our facebook profile on the followin link or our instagram, you probably noticed that we’re now offering new shakers. However, their arrival wasn’t just easy.  The Czech bureaucracy caused us substantial delays due to the customs office which required various certifications and authorizations to grant us permission for sale of the shakers in the EU.

Our aim was to choose an attractive and practical design. Only time will show how practical the shakers are. In the meantime, we’re giving them out as a free gift to all orders.

Another important lesson learned since Feb: as with any startup, all planned activities take us three-times longer than originally planned. :-)

Two other Czech media featured our story with AnaPur. We also turned up at two events – the Czech Bikram Yoga Championship and MashUp Night organized by popular startup incubator Impact HUB where we also gave out free samples with positive feedback. Not all activities happen online and we are boosted more than ever to carry on with our journey so stay tuned!

Long Story Short

Let me first introduce myself


My name is Stepan and I come from the beautiful old-fashion European city of Prague, Czech Republic where I studied at Business University and where I currently work in marketing field.
Apart from traveling, snowboarding and hanging out I enjoy cooking too. The thing is however, there is mostly never enough time for cooking and because I stay at the office for most of the day preparing some of my perfect dishes (I have up to 5 of them in my portfolio :) ) has become quite difficult for me.

The beautiful city of Prague. The place, where AnaPur was born.


Why I started this project


Ever since I was studying there was never much time, money or suitable equipment to prepare something proper. Everyone who went to college knows that proper cooking is usually not the thing you want to do in the evenings. Sure, eating out with friends is fun and restaurants in Prague are mostly not expensive at all (besides beer is cheaper than water in restaurants. Nice right?), but eating out all the time isn’t the best thing to do if you want to avoid becoming fat lazy tired dude.

Despite my knowledge about healthy diet and intentions to eat healthily the reality as well as for many “office rats” is sadly different. Often there is just not enough time to get a decent meal, not enough time to sit and have a lunch and definitely not enough morale to prepare some good meal in the evening or snack for the next day. So I often ended up eating sandwiches, pizzas or other junk food next to my computer at the office with no joy from the taste and tiredness after finishing this heavy “lunch”.

Everyone knows it’s not good for them but let’s be honest: everyone eats like a pig from time to time. Some do it even on a daily basis and everyone knows it’s just not right.

I wondered if all this was necessary.

If I really cannot eat a healthy and convenient meal without a necessity of germinating seeds over night to cook them at 6 a.m. before leaving to work, if eating out fast or buying artificially flavored pseudo-food for which you would need a PHD in chemistry to understand all the additives inside is really the only option of a busy office guy.

I wanted a simple and healthy way to deal with this. Is that so much?

Then it hit me.

In 2013 I found out about the Soylent project and it all made sense. It was daring: an instant powdered supermeal that is healthy? This doesn’t make any sense. But yet it seemed to have all you need and nothing more and that was exactly what I was looking for. As the product was not available in Europe I started to put together my recipe using Several months and many nutrition articles and books read later I finally invented something I could call my future food: the AnaPur

Why I called it AnaPur? Simple. Based on Hindu mythology Annapurna was a goddess who was able to nurture all those who are in need. So I decided to call my shake shortly AnaPur.

Annapurna Devi

Months went by and I was improving my recipe constantly. Every version of AnaPur was better and tastier. Relatives, colleagues and friends were observing me in a suspicious way and waited for my sudden collapse but it never happened.

Actually I felt better, less tired, less concerned with what to eat any given day and also quickly forgetting all the cons of preparing food- standing in lines while doing groceries, stuffing dishwashing machine, taking out garbage, etc.


Why I have digressed from the Soylent path


Reading many reviews, nutritionist recommendations and another ton of books and articles I realized that some of the ingredients used in Soylent and my AnaPur were not really beneficial in the long run (to be precise I’m talking mostly about vitamin supplements and maltodextrin). What now? I heard about the fancy new all organic powdered food from Finland called Ambronite, but it was crazily expensive and again not easily available in the EU. Therefore Invention of the new AnaPur “2.0” recipe began and this time I was starting from scratch on a solo journey.

My goal is to achieve sustainable recipe of powdered food without necessity of adding liquid oil, without any artificial additives such are mineral and vitamin supplements, without additional emulsifier and without maltodextrin which I consider a semi-artificial and unhealthy thing as well. I mentioned this little funny thing about Prague earlier: Beer is cheaper than water in restaurants. So I thought to myself:

•   “If beer in Prague can be cheaper than water, why an all-natural balanced meal couldn’t be cheaper than a regular dish?”

So I started to dig through hundreds of natural ingredients of some I hadn’t heard before. Focusing on raw, least processed and vegan foods with little or no gluten and couple months later I finally made it. I redesigned the recipe to an all-natural, non-additive, completely powdered and nutritionally balanced food which costs just 10€ a day. And 10€ for 2000 balanced calories and natural vitamins is a better result than what I was hoping for.

AnaPur has a green color thanks to chlorella, spirulina, and many other green ingredients

The new recipe has little in common with Soylent or the old AnaPur. It contains more than 20 ingredients. Cereals, husks, dried fruit and herbs, each with its specific role. Read more about what AnaPur contains. Essential nutrients are not the only thing AnaPur contains. We know what our body necessary needs but why not add some other beneficial substances to it? Thanks to all natural ingredients, AnaPur contains not only all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fatty acids, but also a fair amount of fiber, antioxidants and phytosterols which have been proved to have a beneficial effect on our health regulating the risk of cancer, decreasing cholesterol and helping detoxification of body.